Trebro SC2010 Slab

The SC 2010 Slab combines a revolutionary design along with Trebro’s proven reliability into an automatic stacking slab harvester with performance that you can count on. No other turf harvester is designed and engineered like the Trebro SC 2010 Slab. Built from the ground up it offers many features that maximize efficiency and productivity. For example, with all wheel drive and rear wheel anti-spin control, the SC 2010 Slab will stay on track in wet, muddy conditions. It is the most maneuverable turf harvester available. The 170 degree front steering axle with zero turning radius makes it the ideal turf harvester in smaller fields. In addition full pallets of turf can be quickly backed out of the way when a forklift is not available.

The SC 2010 Slab deluxe cab has been designed with operator comfort and visibility in mind. The driver has an excellent view of all harvesting and stacking functions. The Trebro exclusive floating cutting head with adjustable down pressure maximizes productivity with a minimum of waste. For a higher measure of precision and reliability, slabs of turf are picked up and stacked by a hydraulically powered hook system that is gentle on the turf and produces tight stable stocks. Make your large scale turf harvesting operation into a highly efficient one man system. Reduce labor and increase profits with the dependability of the Trebro SC 2010 Slab automatic stacking turf harvester.


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